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Be a part of Curtain Call as we
celebrate 31 years this season!

Executive Council
Executive Director Wendy Banaszak
Production Chair Misti Sukle
Finance Director Pat Brandon
Marketing and Publicity Candi McDaniel
Secretary Denise Chauret
"KokomoCurtainCall@gmail.com to reach us!.

CURTAIN CALL was created in the fall of 1987, as the children's wing of Kokomo Civic Theatre. In the spring of 2001, CURTAIN CALL incorporated separately. The CURTAIN CALL theatrical season runs from August to May and offers three stage productions a year. The organization welcomes all ages from pre-school to adult, training participants from the stage to backstage theatre skills such as lighting, sound, set design, stage management, props, set painting and make-up. CURTAIN CALL also offers periodic workshops in auditioning, acting, make-up and creative dramatics for young children.

OUR MISSION is to Educate, Foster Creativity and Enrich the Lives of Youth and Adults through Training and Participation in the Theatre Arts.

Below is the history of shows since our creation!-

Fall / Winter / Spring

Season 2016/ 17
A Little Bit of Theatre Dir. Pat Brandon, Misti Sukle, Wendy Banaszak
Once Upon a Fairy Tale Dir. Misti Sukle
Season 2015/16
Robin Hood and His Merry Men Dir. Rex Swank
Circus Olympus Dir. Melody Pike
Adventures of a Comic Book Artist Dir. Pat Brandon
Season 2014/15
     How the West was Dun                                    Dir. Mike Huggins
     The Canterbury Tales…                                     Dir. Joe Connolly
             or Geoffrey Chaucer’s Flying Circus
     Gina and the Prince of Mintz                         Dir. Rex Swank
Season 2013/14
    The Adventures of the Fearsome Pirate Frank    Dir. Jim Seidel, Katie Seidel
    The Twelve Daughters of Hercules        Dir. Wendy Banaszak, Lori Frost
    The Frog Princess                Dir. Melody Pike
Season 2012/13
    Babes in Toyland                Dir. Beth Gentry
    I Believe in Make Believe                                Dir. Melody Pike, Joe Connolly,
Rex Swank                                    
    Finn McCool and His Fearless Wife        Dir. Logan Seidel
Season 2011/12
    Let Your Hair Down, Rapunzel            Dir. Wendy Banaszak
    Twinderella                    Dir. Spike Wilson
    Puss in Boots                    Dir. Melody Pike
Season 2010/11
    Enchanted Sleeping Beauty            Dir. Pat Brandon
    The Nutcracker    (Dinner Theater)        Dir. Stephen Green, Terri Huggins
    Stuart Little                    Dir. Mike Huggins
    Raggedy Ann and Andy                Dir. Suzie Reagle
Season 2009/10
    Bah Hum Bug                    Dir. Terri Huggins
    Peter Pan                    Dir. Spike Wilson
    Ransom of Red Chief                Dir. Jim Seidel
Season 2008/09
    There’s a Monster in my Closet            Dir. Terri Huggins
    Blather, Blarney and Balderdash            Dir. Pat Brandon
    Hansel and Gretel                Dir. Suzie Reagle
Season 2007/08
    Treasure Island                    Dir. Terri Huggins
    Floating Princess                Dir. Beth Gentry
    The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood    Dir. Katie Seidel
Season 2006/07
    Sleepy Hollow                    Dir. Pat Brandon
    Princess and the Pea                Dir. Jim Seidel
    Tiny Thumbelina                Dir. Suzie Reagle
Season 2005/06
    Fairy Tale Courtroom                Dir. Pat Brandon
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves        Dir. Terri Huggins
    Mr. Toad’s Mad Adventure            Dir. Katie Seidel
Season 2004/05
    Shining Princess of the Slender Bamboo    Dir. Dee Marler
    House at Pooh Corner                Dir. Pat Brandon
    Jack and the Giant                Dir. Suzie Reagle, Terri Huggins
Season 2003/04
    Wind of a Thousand Tales            Dir. Pat Brandon
    Jungle Book                    Dir. Jim Seidel
    Toy Camp                    Dir. Suzie Reagle
Season 2002/03
    Beauty and the Beast                Dir. Jim Seidel
    Pocahontas                    Dir.  Pat Brandon
    Aladdin’s Wonderful Magic Lamp        Dir. Liz Harper
Season 2001/02
    How to Eat Like a Child                Dir. Pat Brandon
    The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe        Dir. Marty Zeis
    Rumpelstiltskin is My Name            Dir. Spike Wilson
Season 2000/2001
    Ramona Quimby                Dir. Spike Wilson
    The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood    Dir. Pat Brandon
    Charlotte’s Web (musical)            Dir. Liz Kingseed
Season 1999/01
    The Little Match Girl                Dir. Bridget Brewster
    Pinocchio                    Dir. Marty Zeis
    Peter Pan in Neverland                Dir. Michael Julian
Season 1998/99
    The Brutebeast, The Witch and the Monister    Dir. Liz Kingseed
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory        Dir. Beth Metcalf
    Winnie the Pooh                Dir. Marge Scionti
Season 1997/98
    Once Upon A Brutebeast (musical)        Dir. Marge Scionti
    Alice in Wonderland                Dir. Pat Brandon
    Cinderella                    Dir. Michael Julian
Season 1996/97
    The Wizard of Oz                Dir. Judy Whorley
    The Velveteen Rabbit                Dir. Beth Metcalf
    Hansel and Gretel                Dir. Sue Giesecke, Liz Kingseed
Season 1995/96
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (musical)  Dir. Marge Scionti
    The Best Christmas Pageant Ever        Dir. Linda Maugans
    Raggedy Ann and Andy                Dir. Pat Brandon
Season 1994/95
    The Silver Whistle                Dir. Judy Whorley
    Rags to Riches (musical)            Dir. Michael Julian
    The Magical Pied Piper (musical)        Dir. Sue Sciame-Giesecke
Season 1993/94
    Tales from the Arabian Nights            Dir. Pat Brandon
    The Hobbit                    Dir. Marty Zeis
    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer            Dir. Linda Maugans
Season 1992/93
    The Clown Who Ran Away            Dir. Majorie Scionti
    The Nutcracker                    Dir. Sandy Densborn, Don Zlaty
    Jack and the Beanstalk                Dir. Michael Julian
Season 1991/92
    A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream            Dir. Pat Brandon
    Pinocchio (musical)                Dir. Kathy Waters
    Charlotte’s Web                Dir. Judy Whorley
Season 1990/91
    Winnie the Pooh                Dir. Ruth Springer
    Babes in Toyland (musical)            Dir. Michael Julian
    The Wind in the Willows            Dir. Cheryl Currens
Season 1989/90
    The Princess and the Pauper            Dir. Ed Faunce
Small One                    Dir. Kathy Waters
    The Night Before Christmas            Dir. Coleen Kebrdle
    Phantom Tollbooth                Dir. Judy Whorley
Season 1988/89
    Pegora the Witch                Dir. Pat Brandon
    Best Christmas Pageant Ever            Dir. Sandee Shwenger
    Robin Hood                    Dir. David Hoover
Season 1987/88
    A Christmas Carol                Dir. Majorie Scionti
    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland        Dir. Pat Brandon